Ginger Geezer

Sydney Longfellow as Mrs. Bag Bag

Mrs. Bag Bag was rather an obscure character but one who was onstage a lot. She seemed to be a sort of beachcombing bag lady and mysteriously instrumental in the lives of the stray cats. She also raised Pollyanna from an egg, being the sort to find things, naturally. Sydney's strongest impression of the show was the amount of time she spent walking on the heels of her feet barefoot, as Vivian directed her. Mrs. Bag Bag had a weird shuffling gait, cronelike. While not mentioned in any reviews for her performance, Mrs. Bag Bag was gratified after most of the shows to be meet with surprise from audience members who actually believed she was played by an old crone. So all that walking on the heels paid off. Mrs. Bag Bag was also notable for her seascaped hairdo, designed by Vivian, of course. It was blue and wavy on the top with buzzed back and sides, bleached sandy blonde.

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